About Us

This blog was inspired by the book Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James. It is dedicated to Romance and the majority of its sub-genres.

A little bit about me…

In 2012, I took up reviewing books as a side project to keep me busy between finishing my B.A. in English Lit. So much of what I had to read in college was assigned reading that often left me burned out. In an attempt to get outside the monotony of reading assigned classics and Shakespeare (as much as I love his sonnets), I created my first book blog Boekie’s Book Reviews. For several years, I faithfully dedicated my time to reviewing indie authors and eventually traditionally published authors.

When the majority of book bloggers were only reviewing traditionally published authors, I dedicated my free time to reviewing and promoting indie ones. Since my beginnings, I have run three successful book blogs. The Fifty Shades of Hot is the youngest of the three, but it is already my favorite.